Kevin Mitchell

Folk Roots Music


“Kevin, you write some deep, powerful songs and your vocals are stunning! Beautiful, enchanting sound you have! Good luck with your music endeavors, you have something special.” - Arron, NumberOneMusic

" In the eight years we have been on Denman Island we have watched him perform on many occasions and also observed his mentoring of young musicians. Over this time he has matured as a musician and song writer. We were fortunate enough to host a house concert with Kevin recently. The performance was captivating and enjoyed by all those in attendance. His lyrics are written from the heart and touch on experiences and personalities unique to us on the islands. The performance is enhanced by the venue being in one's own house. You will not regret inviting Kevin into your living room." Rick and Ann Paisley( House Concert hosts) May 2015


“'Kevin is a troubadour. He brings his songs into your life and takes you on a journey, songs that he has carefully crafted out of his experience of the world. It was a wonderful show - great guitar, great singing, great energy. We were very lucky to have him stop by our house for a show in Saskatoon.'” - Charlie David Clark, House Concert review (Jun 14, 2015)

“A wordsmith that encapsulates a journey through the heart and thoughts, and crafted geographically. Always masterfully expressed through his guitar and harps, Kevins songs are based in a deep roots vibe,and alway hit their mark” - Sheldon Remple, Denman Island Guesthouse (Apr 09, 2015)

“Kevin's latest release, All The Way, I can honestly say is some of the best music I've heard in a long while. What a breath of fresh air - to listen to something new, different and totally unique, yet completely accessible to all. Great melodies you end up humming after the CD is finished. I'm looking forward to hearing more tunes in the future."”

- Richard Dolmat- DigitalSoundMagic Studios , Surrey, BC

"Kevin played for us at The Grotto and I have to say he played with such dynamics and energy that I feel he is one of the best performers we've had here. I'm looking forward to his next gig."  - Marc Duncan, Union St Grotto,Courtenay, BC

"Kevin Mitchell hosts an audience to an evening of songs that inspire reflection and laughter, all with a splash of Dylan's twang, Leon Redbone's warmth and acoustic fingerpicking that dares one to close their eyes and hear the band coming out his playing style." - The Mellow Side Arts Lounge, Duncan

“Kevin Mitchell comes to us from Denman Island, British Columbia--Crow & Wolf's first Canadian artist! He performs country/roots music that is organic in all the best traditions of folk and has a groove that gels with the very best roots rock of all North America. His music bears the influences of Bob Dylan, Leon Redbone, Waylon Jennings and other greats, yet is thoroughly original and masterfully played on guitar and mandolin. His songs bear the stamp of country and folk's plain and simple views of life, the universe and everything--"Buffalo" mourns the gradual passing of the song's namesake creature, "Same Old Train" takes a look at the shades of grey in between the black and white extremes of life, "On This Day" (which Mitchell wrote one Christmas morning) celebrates the present and the Zen imperative to "be here now", and the CD's title cut is a look at fleeting love and lust in a small-town dancehall. They don't come much more honest than this.;” - Crow&Wolf Music

“Kevin! your voice is the gift of GOD so amazing whenever i hear your voice it's like i'm in the heaven especially in hard times, so thank you for singing!”- numberonemusic

“West Coast Singer-Songwriter Kevin Mitchell Mellow Side Arts Lounge & Cafe - March 4th The Mellow Side Arts Lounge & Cafe provided the perfect atmosphere for Kevin Mitchell’s music. Kevin started the show laying down some funky syncopated rhythms on his acoustic guitar. He kept the energy up for the whole first set. The highlight of the show was when he played his mandolin. Mixing traditional phrases with his original improvisational style, a flurry of notes where projected throughout the room, displaying a mastery of the instrument. His lyrics are evocative and express an innocence that is suited to his vocal style. ”- Guy Langlois, cosmic Debris (Mar 04, 2007)

“Dylan is alive and well and living on Denman Island. At least, Kevin Mitchell with his new CD, All The Way sure sounds like Dylan. And I’m talking the old Dylan – playing acoustic guitar and singing about real stuff. There are more than enough Dylanesque tunes on this CD to make it a ton of fun. Mitchell has that classic voice, nasal, drawling and singing just a little off key. But it works. And he’s assembled some great players – most notably Riki Gee playing fiddle. I loved Morning Light. Great fiddle playing. Same Old Train, got a dead ringer opening for While My Guitar Gently Weeps and doesn’t really need it cause the song is great on its own. Still Running has a good old timey feel. The very last song is actually a poem he found in the basement of an old house. Kathyrine Barbara – possibly written for the passing of a child. Mitchell builds a lovely acoustic guitar melody around the words, but I found myself wishing he had left it instrumental and let me find my”- Jane Eoman, The Muses News (Jan 23, 2006)


“Just finished listening to Hipbone CD, nice work all around! Loved the variety, recording sounds crisp while letting the deep end come through. Loved the mandolin Kevin, melts me. Vocals are strong. message is clear, harp is sharp and punchy, the guitar... groovy and strident. Couldn't finish doin the dish, kept dancin around the kitchen. I love Michelle's vocals- would love to hear even more Lyrics are sparse and enriching when they need to be, honestly deep and penetrating other times. My favourite dance piece: Allah. Great anthem man, dance to that for hours. My favourite song overall: Think Too Much. Brilliant piece, everything works here, a drifting groove, clean Kevin vocals, Michelle at her haunting best. Love it. " - Del, Denman Rag (Jan 25, 2009)


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